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Referral Guidelines

Work has been carried out by the Local Optical Committee and a set of referral guidelines has been produced and circulated to GP practices. This means that if a GP sees a patient with an eye condition they can refer to these guidelines to help them determine whether or not the patient should be referred to an optometrist or Croydon University Hospital.

Croydon Community Opthalmology Service (COS)

Completed Ophthalmic Services CIC (which was formed by the Croydon LOC) was successful in their bid to run a community ophthalmology service in Croydon.  This is a referral scheme whereby patients presenting at their GP practice with a routine eye condition can be referred to an accredited optometrist in the community.

Local optometrists are trained to see and treat the majority of eye problems and by visiting them a patient will be seen more quickly than waiting for a hospital appointment. They will also be able to chose an optometrist who is near to their home. The service is open to any patient over 5 years old who has a Croydon GP. Details of which optometric practices are involved in the scheme can be viewed under the section 'Practices with Particular Interests'.

Please note: This service is for minor eye conditions only (such as not suitable for anyone who has the following eye conditions: sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes, considerable eye pain, significant trauma (such as penetrating injury), chemical injury or burns or problems arising from recent eye surgery. If you have any of these conditions, you must go directly to your nearest Accident and Emergency department.