Following work with the School Nursing Team and Croydon Eye Unit a new screening pathway was developed in 2003. Children who fail their eye screening test at school now have the option to take their child to a local ‘approved’ optometrist. The ‘approved’ optometrists have a special interest in children and have also undergone training with the Chief Orthoptist at Croydon University Hospital Eye Unit. In addition they refresh their training regularly. A list of the practitioners involved can be found on the ‘Practices with Particular Interests’ page.

Eye Testing

The Royal National Institute for the Blind recommends that parents makesure their children have a regular eye test.
Did you know….
…that it costs you nothing to check you child’s eyesight?
…an optician can provide a full eye examination for any school child up to the age of 19?
…20% of children undergoing a full eye examination need further investigation?
…that children’s health checks and school eye checks do not involve a full eye examination?
…that if your child has learning difficulties it is likely they have eye problems?
…that a full eye examination can pick up sight problems before they have an effect on development?
…that if glasses are needed you are entitled to a voucher towards the cost of them?